Teens Allegedly Break into N.J. Petting Zoo

A group of teens in Wyckoff New Jersey allegedly broke into a local petting zoo after-hours, mistreating some animals, letting others loose and even putting lipstick on a miniature pony.

Now, police are trying to track down the trespassers.

A press release from the Wyckoff Police Department says on Saturday at about 10pm, Jimmy Abma, one of the owners of Abma Farms in Wyckoff raced to the property's barnyard petting zoo when he and his family heard a commotion outside.

He began yelling at a group of at least six alleged trespassers he saw on the property. While he was trying to find out what was going on, someone sent him a Snapchat picture of a teenage girl with long, platinum blonde hair and wearing a black croptop and ripped jeans riding a miniature donkey in the petting zoo.

The family wrote on Facebook on Sunday that during the alleged barnyard crime spree, the teens "opened gates and rode our miniature donkeys, who should not be supporting that much weight. One person took a Snapchat of another person riding our mini donkey and applied the Abma's Farm geofilter.

As of yet, no arrests have been made.

Source: CBS-2 NY

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