NJ Man Goes On Wild Rampage Before Wrecking And Being Arrested

A went on a long and damaging rampage before finally being stopped.

Andrew Tolbert, who’s 23, started by kicking family member s out of his home. From there he stole a neighbor’s pickup truck. Then Tolbert drove the wrong way down a street clipping one car and hitting a flipping a Honda Pilot. The driver was trapped and injured.

then, he hopped out of the damaged truck and tried to steal a GMC Yukon, but the female driver got him out of the vehicle. He did, successfully steal a BMW.

Tolbert wasn’t done yet. He then went to a rehabilitation facility, walked in and pulled down his pants...showing his junk to staff and patients. He tried to sexually assault one female worker, but two patients intervened.

The suspect then slammed into a cop car that responded to the disturbance and lead police on a chase before flipping the car after running head first into a Ford Escort. A taser, K-9 officer and pepper spray were needed to take Tolbert down.

Shockingly, there are only 27 charges being filed against the man.

Source: NJ.com

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