New Jersey Wife Is Tired Of Her Disrespectful Brother-in-Law

Dear Abby got a letter from “Family Problem in New Jersey.” In it, the woman shares that she’s been married for two years and she can’t stand her brother-in-law. She says “Adonis” is the favored younger brother of her boo and “anything goes” where he’s concerned.

FPINJ shares examples of the behavior like drinking too much and including recently when “he showed up unannounced at my home and insulted a guest who was visiting at the time.” She asked him to leave. While the writer says Adonis owes her an apology, her father-in-law says she should “get over it.”

She opted to not go to family functions anymore, but that means her husband doesn’t see his family. She feels guilty and wants to know how to handle it.

Dear Abby puts the whole thing on her in-laws for not getting a handle on this kid (he’s 24) and says they’re enabling him. Abby points out her husband “should straighten his spine and inform his “little” brother he drinks too much.” Abby says the couple should avoid family functions until the matter is dealt with.

Source: Detroit News

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