NYC Boat Owners Arrested After Their Cruise Was Busted With 170 People

New York authorities interrupted a party on the Liberty Belle, Saturday, for a party that was in violation of state and local emergency orders.

A riverboat party in New York over the weekend, attended by more than 170 people, was busted for violating orders according to the New York Sheriff's Office. "Deputy Sheriffs intercept the Liberty Belle at Pier 36 & arrest owners and captain for illegal party: violation of social distancing provisions of the Mayor's and Governor's Emergency Orders, Alcohol Beverage Control Law: unlicensed bar & bottle club & Navigation Law," the sheriff's office said on Twitter. The sheriff's deputies arrested the owners for an illegal party at Manhattan's Pier 36. Authorities also accused the boat operators of serving alcohol without a liquor license.

The Liberty Belle boat, has four decks, four bars and is often used to host promotional events, concerts etc. according to Empire Cruises, the company that operates the boat. The boat has a maximum capacity of 600 people. Photos of the boat appear to show large groups of people gathered on the decks, unclear if there are masks being worn.

On Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the boat party "just really reckless, rude, irresponsible and illegal," adding that it "violates public decency." "What if one of those people on that cruise gets sick and dies?" he asked.

The Liberty Belle owners have not commented on the situation.

Photo: Getty

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