A Squirrel Steals NJ Woman's Pizza Off Her Porch

Turns out the squirrels like pizza just as much as people do. A New Jersey woman learned this the hard way after she decided to order a couple of pizza pies and have them delivered to her home. 

The woman had the pizza box's left on her porch via contactless delivery from GrubHub. The delivery driver did exactly what they were supposed to do and left the pies on the porch. However, when she went outside to retrieve the pies, she witnessed a hungry squirrel helping himself to a few slices. The squirrel had eaten his way through one of the boxes and pulled a few pieces of pizza from inside.

The woman ran out to find the squirrel with the pizza, yelling at her husband, “That squirrel stole our pizza!”. She was able to get a refund for her delivery from GrubHub, where she ordered the pizza from.

Source: FOX News 13

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