Governor Murphy Upset With House Parties

Governor Phil Murphy says people in New Jersey shouldn’t be competing to get into the “knucklehead hall of fame.”

He’s speaking out against large house parties in recent weeks in New Jersey that have caused the infection rate among young people to increase.

“When there are hundreds of people crammed into a house, where the air conditioning system is simply blowing the air around and where people are not wearing face coverings, you have also invited coronavirus to your party,” Murphy said.

One man who recently traveled to Italy told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini that people there are taking much better precautions than we are in the United States.

"The younger generation, just because they thought they couldn't get sick or anything, they're not following the proper procedure," the man said.

Last weekend, police broke up a party in Jackson with 700 people in attendance. Fifty people also became infected at a recent party in Middletown.

"The people with no common sense. That's who the knuckleheads are," one man said.

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