NYC Woman Receives Mysterious Seed Package From China

A woman living in NYC discovered a gray-ish white box from China in her mail that contained bags of mystery seeds.

“I opened it and there was a small pack of seeds. And then my address was correct on it and on the front of it is says that it’s a ring, but it’s obviously not a ring,” said Darlene Liebman, Manhattan resident.

NBC reports she went online to try and figure out what the package could be. It turns out she wasn't the only person to receive this package. People from almost a dozen states across the U.S. reported getting a similar package from China.

“The weird thing was my seeds also don’t look like other seeds. Like, I’m now looking… what kind of seeds are they?” Liebman asked. “And all the seeds are different, which is also weird.”

Now the local Departments of Agriculture are tweeting out warnings telling people not to touch the seeds, to keep them sealed and definitely do NOT plant them! They fear that the seeds may grow into some sort of 'invasive species.' The tweet reads: "If you receive unsolicited seeds, we recommend you: Don't open the seed packaging. Don't plant the seeds if you've opened the package. Report the potential agricultural smuggling to @USDA. Don't dispose of the seeds, packages or envelopes until USDA provides guidance.(2/3)"

New York has yet to issue a warning about the seeds, but Liebman said she barely touched the package and doesn't plan on doing so. She has reached out to New York's Department of Agriculture, but hasn’t heard back.

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