Couple Rescued By FDNY After Inflatable Swan Is Swept Into East River

A man and a woman trying to beat the NYC heat over the weekend had to be rescued by the FDNY when the large inflatable swan on which they were floating was swept into the East River.

The pair was sitting in the inflatable pool toy when it drifted into the river near East 55th Street.

FDNY dispatched a boat to rescue them at 3:40 p.m. Sunday after being informed the raft was floating into "heavy marine traffic."

After being saved from the river by FDNY Marine 4, the couple was evaluated by EMS workers and returned to the shore unharmed.

"We decided we wanted to sail on the East River but my boyfriend's boat is broken down so we wanted to be different," Cindy Ccollatupa told

She added that both she and her boyfriend, David Sanchez, were wearing life-vests. She said they also brought paddles and a blow horn to signal to approaching boats if necessary.

The fire department warned New Yorkers to take precautions when entering water around the city, recommending residents only enter water where swimming is permitted and where lifeguards are on duty.

Photo: Getty Images

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