New York Sends Aid To Houston To Open COVID Testing Sites

New York is helping other U.S. states wrestling with summer spikes in the pandemic novel coronavirus.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday morning that the state recently sent personnel and equipment to Houston to help Texas's most-populated city increase its testing capacity.

"We have teams on the ground to set up testing sites that are now up and running," Cuomo wrote via Twitter. "We are grateful for what people across the U.S. did for NY. We'll never forget it and we are paying it forward."

Thousands of healthcare workers from around the country responded to New York in the throws of the state's coronavirus crisis. During the worst of his state's coronavirus crisis, Gov. Cuomo pledged that New York would do the same if/when it was able.

Houston hospitals have been slammed with COVID-19 patients over the past several weeks, as Texas has become one of the new epicenters for the disease in America.

The Lone Star state set new daily records for COVID-19-related deaths twice this week. Wednesday was the sixth day in a row that Texas reported more than 10,000 active COVID-19 hospitalizations.

New York began sending surplus ventilators to states increases in COVID hospitalizations in April.

Photo: Getty Images

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