Survey Reveals America’s Most Trusted Shipping Carrier

During the coronavirus quarantine, most of us relied on online shopping in order to get essential things we needed, which means folks doing the shipping played a hugely important role in most people’s daily lives. Well, now a new report reveals which shipping companies folks trusted the most, and you may be surprised with the results. 

According to a new Clutch survey:

  • UPS is the most trusted shipping carrier with Americans, with 29% of people saying they trust UPS to deliver their packages safely.
  • Top reasons they trust UPS include:
    • Its history of on-time delivery
    • Its comprehensive package tracking
  • Coming in second is USPS, with 27% of the vote.
  • Surprisingly, regardless of how much ordering people do on Amazon, not that many people trust it for their shipping needs.
  • In fact, only 22% chose Amazon as their most trusted shipping service.
  • Amazon is still ahead of FedEx though, which was only trusted by 20% of people.
  • One company virtually nobody trusts is DHL, with only 2% of people saying they trusted the international shipping carrier.

All these shipping carriers were certainly busy during the quarnatine, with the report noting there was  major increase in E-commerce spending during the crisis.

  • E-commerce spending rose more than 30% from March to April, during the lockdown.
  • The biggest increase in orders (compared to last year) were for things like:
    • Books (295%)
    • Cleaning (235%)
    • Sports & outdoors (122%)
    • Toys and games (119%)
    • Grocery (113%)

And with all these extra orders, there has also been a major increase in thefts as well.

  • The survey finds that porch pirates have stolen packages from over 25 million households in the last 90 days.


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