Iconic NYC Sports Bar Foley's Is Closing But Intends To Reopen Someday

Owner of the iconic New York City bar Foley's Shaun Clancy talked to the Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning show about why he is closing down, will he reopen, and what he is doing with all of the memorabilia in his bar. "It ain't over till it's over, it's the end of an inning not the end of the game," says. He went on to tell us that he does plan to reopen but because his bar counts on sports, workers that are now working from home and tourists who might be back for years so he made the decision to close.

Michael asked how much Len's signed baseball is worth compared to all of the others in his bar "I would have to call Lloyd's in London and for some reason Lens and Ron Jeremy's ball is worth the same," said Shaun.

For more of the interview with Shaun Clancy check it out below...