Workers Fear Their Job Skills Will Become Obsolete

While a lot of people may feel like they are great at their jobs, innovation can cause anyone to feel like they’ll soon be obsolete, and it seems a lot of workers are feeling that way. According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of UiPath:

Study finds:

  • 53% of office workers are concerned that their job skills will be outdated in less than five years.
  • And many don’t want to sit around and wait for that to happen.
  • 86% of workers say they wish their employers offered the chance to learn new skills.
  • Another 83% want to enhance their current skills.
  • 90% say they would feel more secure in their job if they were offered training opportunities.
  • 78% feel they would be more productive if they could learn new skills. 

As for what type of training folks would want.

  • 91% would like to see their employers invest in technology-based skills training.
  • The top skill office workers want to learn is data analytics (42%), followed by:
    • Multimedia design or editing (37%)
    • Microsoft Office (37%)
    • Coding (36%)
    • Leadership development/manager training (30%)
    • Robotic process automation (30%)
    • New language (27%)
    • Presentation skills (27%)
    • Conflict resolution (25%)
    • Negotiation (21%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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