People Are Breaking Quarantine For Sex & Aren't Asking About Coronavirus

Single people around the country are throwing caution to the wind and secretly breaking quarantine to have sex after spending weeks home alone. With public health experts warning against coming into contact with anyone outside of your household, many singles have turned to virtual dates during this pandemic. Some rule-breakers have decided that being alone without any physical human contact has become too much to bear.

One single female from New York City said that she broke quarantine to go on a date with a guy she had been talking to and ended up having sex with him, a choice she doesn't regret. Another woman says that she dutifully followed the rules for a month before she cracked and invited a guy over saying, "I didn't think to ask whether or not he'd had any symptoms, but I trusted him."

However, one anonymous female says she broke quarantine a few times to have sex with her now ex-boyfriend, an essential worker who "smokes with a lot of people," and ended up getting COVID-19. She said, "Honestly, it gives me heartbreak ten times in a row, that (expletive) man was not worth putting my life on the line. I'm still mad at myself and I got a positive diagnosis damn near 15 days ago."

Source: DailyMail

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