"Karen" Is Fired After Viral Video Of Her Calling Cops On A Bird Watcher

Well it's the same ending for what unfortunately seems to be a never-ending story. A white woman at the center of a viral video where she is seen calling the police on an innocent black was fired by her employer.

Amy Cooper was seen on the video, shot in New York's Central Park Monday, walking her dog when a man, Christian Cooper, who is not related to Amy Cooper, calmly asks her to put her dog on a leash (which is the law by the way). She responded by saying, "I'm taking a picture and calling the cops. I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life." To compound the situation, Amy Cooper was then seen dragging her dog, nearly choking it during the exchange. She reportedly returned the adopted pooch to a local animal shelter.

Video of the incident quickly went viral as the "latest Karen incident." Her employer, insurance company Franklin Templeton, put her on administrative leave while a fast-moving internal review of the incident took place. She was then officially fired and the company said on Twitter, "We do not tolerate racism of any kind." Amy Cooper later apologized to Christian Cooper and anyone who was offended by her actions in the video.

Source: BBC

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