Americans Are Over Certain Quarantine Foods

Let’s face it, a lot of us have been overindulging on certain unhealthy foods while under coronavirus lockdown. Well, it seems there are plenty of people who are pretty much over it.

A new Atkins poll finds:

20% of people say they’ve been eating less healthy while under quarantine.

70% of Americans are ready to take a break from certain foods once the lockdown is over. Those foods include:

Fast food (25%)

Frozen pizza (22%)

Ice cream (16%)

Of those who say their diets have gotten worse during lockdown, 37% are ready to return to normal eating.

47% of them want to cut out mindless eating once quarantine is over.

33% are interested in starting a new weight loss program.

But whether they decide to start eating healthy or not once the quarantine ends, it’s pretty obvious folks are ready to go out to eat again.

88% of people say they are looking forward to going to a restaurant post-COVID-19.

As for the top restaurants they want to go to:

Mexican (18%)

Steakhouses (14%)

Seafood (13%)

For Millennials, Chinese is the top preferred restaurant (17%)

Source: Yahoo

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