NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gives Encouraging Update On Baseball

Though the state of New York is still largely shut down, the signs appear encouraging that baseball games could be played there soon enough.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that he thinks there will ultimately be “minimal risk” of the Yankees and Mets playing in the state and sounded encouraged that baseball could take place.

If you have an economic activity that can take place and generates economic interest and entertainment interest,” Cuomo said of the Yankees and Mets playing, adding “when you look at the risk-reward, there's a lot of reward with minimal risk."

Obviously, this would take place behind closed doors, but it’s still a positive sign. If authorities are okay with sports going on, that significantly increases the chances of seasons starting or concluding as their respective leagues hope.

Cuomo had expressed some skepticism that sports could resume without fans. As leagues embrace the idea out of necessity, it seems he has as well.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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