NYC Medical Students Give Free Face Masks To Those In Need

A fourth-year medical student at Manhattan’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai started a group focused on distributing face masks where they’re needed. Mask Transit was founded by Aishwarya Raja and delivers masks to essential workers, the homeless and underserved communities.

In the month since it began, it’s grown to a team of 50 student volunteers at 10 institutions in three cities: Boston, New Haven, Connecticut, and New York City. Mask Transit has given out 5-thousand free masks so far and they include doctor-reviewed educational material on coronavirus protection with each one.

"We realized that there were a lot of disparities that COVID-19 was perpetuating and worsening," Raja explains. "We realized that there was a real need to get out into the community and try to decrease this gap that COVID-19 was creating."

Source: ABC News

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