COVID Infection Rate In NY Essential Workers Lower Than In General Public

Essential workers in New York are less likely to contract the novel coronavirus than their counterparts in the general public, according to figures from the state Department of Health.

A recent study revealed that 19.9 percent of those in a sample of New York City's general population tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, indicating that they had been exposed to or sickened by the novel coronavirus at some point.

Conversely, the study found that in the greater NYC-area 12.2 percent of healthcare workers, 14.2 percent of transit workers, 17.1 percent of FDNY/EMT members and 10.5 percent of NYPD employees tested positive for antibodies.

While scientists remain uncertain as to how much armor the COVID antibodies provide to protect people from reinfection, Gov. Cuomo says the study proves one thing for certain: masks, gloves, hygiene and caution work in containing the spread of the virus.

The governor pointed specifically to the low rate of infection among healthcare workers, some of whom are theoretically exposed to the virus every day through the course of doing their jobs, as proof of the efficacy of precautions.

As many New York regions near the first phase of reopening on Friday, the state will continue to emphasize social distance, masks and gloves for people returning to work.

Photo: Getty Images

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