Group Gives Backpacks Of Supplies To NYC’s Homeless

Thanks to a nonprofit and a group of volunteers, New York City’s homeless population are getting the supplies they need during the coronavirus pandemic. Jeffrey Newman and his husband Jayson Conner started Backpacks For The Street two years ago and typically give out backpacks loaded with essentials like food, water, and toiletries to people living on the streets.

Now the backpacks are also being filled with clean socks, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes. Volunteers have been working around the clock to get the backpacks to those in need and they’ve given away 12-hundred in the last three weeks alone.

"New York’s homeless are probably one of the most vulnerable communities out there and they're getting the least amount of help," Newman explains. "We've been out day and night providing as much COVID-19 supplies as we can on top of our normal stuff."

Source: Good Morning America

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