Report: J-Rod Trying to Buy the Mets

Word on the street is that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are looking to expand their empire into the world of sports by buying the New York Mets.

Why the Mets? Apparently A-Rod had a vision for the Mets that’ll make both he and J-Lo rich. His main strength is inspiring players, so that’s at least a part of his plan. It’s actually pretty interesting since he played for the Yankees, their crosstown rivals, for years.

When it comes to the business side of the deal, J-Rod is reportedly getting the team for a steal. While there are reports that it was once worth $2-point-4 billion dollars, other say it’s probably more like $1-point-5 billion. JPMorgan Chase has been retained to raise capital. And since Alex isn’t a businessman by trade, he plans to surround himself with a team of experts to advise him. We’ll keep you posted on this one…

Source: TMZ

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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