Puerto Rican Day, NYC Pride Parades Officially Canceled Due To Coronavirus

Large gatherings, including some of New York City's most popular annual spectacles, have been canceled this spring/summer.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday that all city parades through June have had their permits revoked over COVID-19 concerts.

The canceled events include the Salute to Israel Parade (June 7), the Puerto Rican Day Parade (June 14), the NYC Pride Parade (June 28) and many other beloved outdoor events.

The Puerto Rican day parade alone draws millions to the city each year and is one of the largest parades in the nations.

"We are going to be smart about how we come back," de Blasio said. "We are not going to allow the risk of this disease to reassert itself."

Though the state is hoping to begin reopening non-essential businesses in mid-May, officials have given little indication that restrictions on large gatherings will be relaxed this summer.

The city's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in March was canceled just as the state began reporting the first COVID-19 outbreak within its borders.

Photo: Getty Images

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