Mets Stroman Offers To Fight NASCAR’s Larson For Racist Comment

New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman is only 28 years old, but he's already planning one post-career event involving a second person from the sports world.

Stroman took to Twitter yesterday to lash out at NASCAR driver Kyle Larson after Larson used a racial slur during a virtual race over the weekend tweeting:

“He should never be allowed to race again in @NASCAR. Said that derogatory word so nonchalantly. Your apology doesn’t matter. Post-career...I’ll fight this man in a @ufc event for charity. He needs his ass beat. Would love to hear him say that word in the octagon!”

Larson already took one beating yesterday when Chip Ganassi Racing told him to beat it, parting ways with Larson. Sponsors had already distanced themselves from Larson after the driver did some damage control apologizing on Twitter on Monday.

Thing is Stroman may not have to wait to meet Larson in the Octagon if his challenge is accepted, if he decides he doesn't want to wait until he's retired from baseball. As we told you yesterday, Florida has labeled World Wrestling Entertainment an "essential business" in the state, which will allow WWE to continue producing new content during the coronavirus pandemic. This could provide UFC boss Dana White with the opportunity to begin staging events in the state.

Source: Yardbarker

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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