Man Hangs Flyers In Hope Of Finding A "Germ Free" Girlfriend

Being single during a pandemic is not easy. Neither is trying to date in a social distancing era. One New York City man is trying to find love in a different way. He's posting dating flyers all over the city's running paths and included a bunch in Central Park.

Brad, a.k.a., says in the flyer that he’s “Seeking Girlfriend for Coronavirus And Beyond” and describes himself as a “Healthy, Attractive, Well-Employed Man” who’s looking for “Germ-Free Monogamy.”

“Please Be Healthy, Fit, and Clean,” the flyer goes on to say. He thought that posting the flyers on the running path would be a better way to attract women who are passionate about fitness, health and the outdoors like he is.

So far, he's gotten a number of responses and says he hopes to one day be able to meet these ladies in person.

Source: NY Post

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