Landlord Cancels Rent For Pizzeria Feeding Hospital Drs and Nurses

Lots of restaurants are pitching in to help during the coronavirus outbreak, including Sauce Pizzeria, which brings hundreds of pies to hospital workers in New York City every day. They deliver as many as 400 pizzas to 40 hospitals in the five boroughs to make sure those on the frontlines have something to eat.

Now their landlord, A&E Real Estate Management, is getting in on the act of kindness. They’ve donated $20-thousand to the effort and cancelled the restaurant’s rent for three months.

“Pizza makes people happy," says Adam Elzer, owner of Sauce Pizzeria. "That’s what this started from.” And now his restaurant has three months of free rent so they can keep making people happy with free pizza.

Source: Delish

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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