Dental Receptionist Claims Boss Did Shots, Ate Pot Brownies On The Job

Imagine going to a dentist where all the people who work at the office are either drunk or high on pot brownies. That's what a former receptionist is claiming in a lawsuit that she has filed against her former employer.

Nadia Zevallos says she was driven out of the American Dental Center in Union, New Jersey after complaining about the rampant party culture promoted by her supervisor Lilly Almeida. She says she saw Almeida drink hard liquor out of dental cups, eat marijuana jello shots and pot brownies while on the job. She also claims Almeida pushed those drugs onto other employees.

Almeida was able to get away with allegedly inappropriate behavior because of her “flirtatious and possibly romantic relationship” with dentist David Paltac, the suit alleges. When Nadia tried complaining to a supervisor, she was yelled at and forced to work long and exhausting hours. She eventually quit and is now suing the office.

Source: New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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