Dave Ramsey: Hope Is More Contagious Than Fear

From the physical threat of the novel coronavirus pandemic to the economic catastrophe that could result from a prolonged shutdown of industry, Dave Ramsey is here to be a voice of positivity and encouragement.

"People are really scared," Ramsey says. "Some are terrified, some are hysterical, some are just concerned. ... Most of us kind of vacillate between those categories."

Fears these days for your family's future are well-founded. Hospitals are filling up with critical patients, people are losing their jobs. It's all too much.

But Ramsey says he's seen lots of crazy times. People bounce back.

"I'm old. You can tell. I've been there. We're going to get through this. You're okay. It's going to work out."

Take a listen to Ramsey's "Message of Hope" below. He and a panel of six thought leaders discuss the COVID-19 crisis at hand and offer common sense guidance on how to secure your life and your money from the uncertainty before us.

Listen on the player below or here via iHeartRadio.

Photo: Getty Images

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