Why Lunch Break Sex Might Be The Best Part Of Working From Home

There aren’t many perks of living during a global pandemic, but one of them has to be that some couples are getting to spend more time together while working from home. Especially since when noon hits, you have more to look forward to than a Lean Cuisine for lunch. Like maybe some treating your ‘Hungry Man’ to some ‘Hot Pocket’ instead… Sex.

Yes, lunchbreak sex is officially on the table and whether you take that literally or not is up to you. It’s your table. A recent survey found nearly a fifth of people were already enjoying some afternoon delight before COVID-19 hit and it’s safe to say that number has increased now that we’re all trying to make the best of our quarantine time.

And here’s the best part. Lunchbreak sex is actually good for your career. There’s been plenty of studies showing that sex can have a positive impact on productivity. For example, one study found that the positive effects of orgasms on productivity could last up to five days. Additionally, the University of Oregon found having sex makes people happier and more engaged in the office.

Source: Metro

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