New Yorker Documents 'Scary' Trip To COVID-19 Drive-Thru Test Area

Major Cities In The U.S. Adjust To Restrictive Coronavirus Measures

Drive-thru testing for the novel coronavirus is now available to New Yorkers with COVID-19 symptoms or a known nexus to the disease, with several testing sites set up in the greater New York City-area.

Barstool Sports host Kevin Clancy of Mt. Vernon, NY, was nursing a persistent cough for several days when he called to make an appointment to get tested at a Glen Island Park site.

Clancy recorded video of his entire experience at the testing site. You can watch his VLOG here.

"I called about my symptoms pretty quick," he says to his camera. "As soon as I heard that there was testing I called. 'Cause I've got two young kids, and I didn't know what was going on. I called, I told them all my symptoms, and I just sat back and waited. They called me like four or five days later, so it was a little bit of a wait. I guess not much, all things considered. Everybody was freaking out about testing. You just call, put your name on a list."

Given the severity of the pandemic, some waiting was the least of Clancy's worries, he said. While he admitted he was anxious about the process, he applauded the professionalism of the workers at the testing site.

Drivers are ordered to keep their windows rolled up until the test is about to be administered. Officers communicate directions to drivers via megaphone, electronic sign boards and gestures.

After waiting for about two hours, Clancy's video shows him driving through a serpentine path of traffic cones to a tent containing several healthcare workers in hazmat suits.

"Shout out to each and everyone of these people right here," he said, indicating the workers preparing the facility. "Standing in the rain, they've been in here for hours, setting up for us. Everything has gone smoothly, everything has been peaceful. Helluva job."

Once inside the tent, Clancy presented his driver's license and was finally asked to roll down his window for the test. A nurse named Ashley introduced herself and explained the nasal swab process to him.

The video shows Clancy tip his head back as the nurse inserts the swab. She asks him to relax and stifle the urge to sneeze.

"I know, I know. It's almost done," she reassures him. "Coming out. All right."

As he's sent back on his way, Clancy shutters and addresses his camera.

"My nose hurts like a bitch, but easy peasy," he concludes. "Once you got through, it took two minutes. All in all, a pretty painless experience. Nose hurts a little bit; had to wait in line for a little while. But unbelievable job by everybody, all the law enforcement, all the military, all the nurses. Crazy times, man."

In a blog post accompanying the video, Clancy said that he was told his results would arrive in 3 - 5 days. Until then, he's back to social distancing in his self-imposed "quarantine."

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