Determined Couple Still Plans To Marry This Weekend Despite Pandemic

The restrictions on large gatherings due to the spread of the coronavirus has become a huge issue for folks planning birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations, but one couple is making the best of it, realizing that it’s not all about the big party, but rather about their love.

New York couple Madeline Fauntleroy and David Dougherty Jr. were planning to tie the knot in a big ceremony on Saturday at Manhattan's Chelsea Piers, with about 200 guests. But with businesses closing their doors due to the outbreak, and travel restrictions hindering guests ability to attend, plans for their big wedding were derailed.

Instead of throwing a fit, like this bride, the couple made the best of it, first resorting to a Plan B, a small ceremony at their with a reception at a nearby restaurant. When restaurants were forced to close they went to a Plan C, a gathering at a hotel where they had reserved some rooms for guests. But when the hotel decide to close as well, they had to come up with another option, and it's rather simple, but still pretty romantic.

Determined to still get hitched, Madeline and David decided instead to get married in their apartment, where they actually got engaged. Six friends will witness the "I Dos," with one friend baking a cake, and the meal consisting of potluck and take out, with one of their florists throwing together a bouquet.

“Everything that mattered one month ago – the food, the flowers – does not matter now,” Madeline said. “This is a wedding and we still have each other.”

And it’s not like they aren’t going to be able to celebrate. The pair plan to throw a wedding bash at their original venue in October.

Source: Fox News

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