Starbucks Converting To “To Go” Only Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus has just put a damper on everyone’s Starbucks fix. The coffee giant just announced that for at least the next two weeks all of their stores in the U.S. and Canada will be converted to “to go” only.

Folks who love to linger, or do their work, while they get their coffee will no longer have that option, with Starbucks closing all cafes and patio areas. Customers will still be able to order drinks at the counter, through the app and at drive-thru.

In addition, Starbucks plans to close stores in “high social-gathering locations,” like malls and college campuses, plus areas with increasing coronavirus cases, like New York and Seattle, will see additional closed stores and ones with reduced hours.

As for how Starbucks is treating employees, they have the option of using up to 14 days catastrophe pay. They also have paid sick leave, vacation time and personal days at their disposal.

Source: Fox News

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