Coronavirus and Chill: How NYers Are Mating and Dating During These Times

Coronavirus panic may be driving people indoors, but it’s not killing their mojos. It just means they have to get craftier about canoodling — whether they’re single or partnered. That means setting up dates in less-crowded places (to gel with recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), swapping face-to-face liaisons for sexy texts and cuffing a crush for a potentially lengthy quarantine.

For example, 24-year-old Jason Lynn is trying to lock down his coronavirus cling — fast. “I’m working the DMs,” says the single financial adviser, who lives in North Jersey. “It’s been quiet . . . Everyone’s very cautious.” But if his company tells him to work from home, he hopes to shack up with someone specific: a Connecticut girl he’s been seeing.

Ideally, “in her place,” far away from the germy city. “It would be heaven to be stuck with her for two weeks,” says Lynn, who’s been stocking up on protection of all kinds: disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and condoms. He’s envisioning Netflix and chill sessions — a “Narcos” binge watch with plenty of nookie interludes. He adds, “I’d get to really know her.”

Source: NY Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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