NYC Strip Clubs Are Taking Precautions When It Comes To Coronavirus

The dancing must go on as strip clubs around the country are doing their part in keeping the coronavirus out of their clubs. New York City clubs have gone ahead and changed the way they clean between shifts with one manager saying they now do a "thorough deep cleans twice a day between each shift.”

Club owners are worried that the panic of being exposed to crowded spaces could hit their business if they aren't careful. Some of the dancers are even wearing masks during their performances. Some places have installed hand sanitizer stations around the club as an added precaution.

With the influx of people and foot traffic during the “busy season” for the 2020 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, clubs in Tampa, Florida are giving away 10,000 free masks to customers who come in while clubs in Vegas are distributing 50,000 bottles of hand sanitizer for free to paying customers.

Source: TMZ

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