Jets To Release High-Priced CB Trumaine Johnson

In a long-anticipated move, the New York Jets have informed cornerback Trumaine Johnson that he will be released.

The Jets must make the transaction by March 20, when Johnson's $11 million salary for 2020—guaranteed for injury only—becomes fully guaranteed.

Uncertainty regarding the proposed collective bargaining agreement could affect the timetable for the decision. Under a new CBA, the Jets can designate Johnson a June 1 cut, which would allow them to spread his salary-cap hit over two seasons--$4 million in 2020, $8 million in 2021.

Absent a new CBA, the Jets would incur the entire $12 million cap hit in 2020. In that case, they'd save only $3 million by releasing Johnson, whose cap charge is scheduled to be $15 million.

Johnson—who turned 30 in January—will be remembered as one of the Jets' worst free-agent signings and that my friends is saying something. Desperate for a shutdown corner, they gave him a five-year, $72.5 million contract in 2018 free agency. The deal included $34 million guaranteed at signing, including a $20 million signing bonus.

Considering what a bust he was maybe they should throw that signing bonus money in 20 sacks filled with a million bucks each and let him keep the few he actually catches.

Source: ESPN

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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