Here’s What Parents Hate About Car Trips With Their Kids

While some folks love to get in their car and go for a ride, those feelings tend to change when the kids are involved. And according to a new poll, there are a lot of parents who’d rather do anything than get in the car with their children.

A new survey finds:

  • Nearly half of parents find car trips with the kids stressful.
  • One of the biggest issues is bathroom breaks, with 30% saying it’s the most annoying part about traveling with children.
  • A quarter of parents get bothered by kids kicking their seat.
  • A third of parents get annoyed by constant questions, like “are we there yet?” or complaints, like “I’m hungry.”
  • Other stressful things about traveling with kids include:
    • Fighting siblings
    • Leaving things behind
    • Messes in the backseat
    • Children’s constant need for attention
  • Because of their kids, parents wind up adding 33 extra minutes to weekly trips, which results in 29 extra hours every year.

So, how do parents combat all this annoying child behavior?

  • Well, 90% say they let their kids do things in the car they wouldn’t do at home. Such things include:
    • Additional screen time
    • Eating more treats
    • Giving them rewards for good behavior
  • In addition, close to half of parents will let their kids control the music during a trip.
  • Because of this, parents spend more than 25% of a car trip listening to their kids’ music, and that includes things like nursery rhymes.

Source:SWNS Digital

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