NYPD Officers File Lawsuit Over Filthy Breast Pumping Accommodations

Federal Judge Rules NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violates Rights

Five current and former female officers have filed a lawsuit against the NYPD due to the absence of an appropriate area to pump breast milk.The lawsuit, which was filed on December 23rd, says the women were subjected to "hostilities, ridicule, jeers, and sarcastic comments."

Simone Teagle, a female officer who retired from the NYPD last month told the gothamist.com that she was forced to pump in the filthy break room which was littered with old newspapers, bags of garbage, and rotting food. Eventually, Teague grew tired of the constant ridicule and decided to pump her breasts in the privacy of her vehicle.

Officer Melissa Soto-Germosen, who is also participating in the lawsuit said she was forced to store her breast milk in a maggot filled refrigerator. When she reported the unhealthy conditions to her supervisor, she was greeted with sarcastic comments and told to pump in a bedbug filled locker room.

NYPD spokesperson, Sergeant Jessica McRorie released a statement that read, the department is "in compliance with federal, state, and local laws to provide reasonable accommodations to express breast milk privately."

The lawsuit is said to cover female officers, 911 dispatchers, school safety officers, and traffic agents.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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