NYC Strip Club Sees Business Boost When Certain Teams Play The Knicks

Here’s a shocking news flash for you…NBA athlete’s and their fans love strippers. Some quick number-juggling at Sapphire Times Square in New York City showed which teams bring in the most business when they’re in town to play the Knicks. On a “typical weeknight,” the Chicago Bulls bring the biggest increase in foot traffic to the club by 37.5%. The rest of the top ten break down like this:

  • Los Angeles Lakers (+34.9%)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (+33.6%)
  • Houston Rockets (+33%)
  • Miami Heat (+32.1%)
  • Golden State Warriors (+31.2%)
  • Boston Celtics (+30.9%)
  • Utah Jazz (+30.3%)
  • Denver Nuggets (+29.6%)

Source:Fox News