Doc Saves Man’s Life Mid-Flight By Sucking Urine From Bladder

When a medical emergency happened during a flight, a Chinese doctor had to improvise to save a passenger’s life. Dr. Zhang Hong was flying from China to New York and was six hours from landing when a fellow flier experienced sweating, had a swollen belly, and because he had previously been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, he suspected that was causing a bladder blockage.

The doctor says the passenger was going into shock and his life may have been at risk, so he had to think on his feet to save him. He worked with another physician on board, making a makeshift catheter using plastic tubing from an oxygen mask, straws, and a syringe from the plane’s medical kit. But when the needle was too small to drain the urine, Zhang stepped up and sucked it out himself. And the man survived as a result.

“It was an emergency situation,” Zhang explains. “I couldn’t figure out another way.”

Source: Yahoo

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