Man Hit By A Car In Times Square Dies Nine Days Later

An unidentified man who fell and was struck by a car near Times Square died at Bellevue Hospital on Tuesday.

Law enforcement authorities told the New York Daily News, the 61-year-old victim was crossing Eighth Avenue near 40th Street on November 7 when he suddenly fell in the middle of traffic and was run over by a 24-year-old man driving a Honda Accord.

Police records indicate that the driver of the Honda Accord did not see the man lying in the road and accidentally ran him over. Video surveillance shows that the man driving the Honda did get out of the car to see what he had hit but traffic was so heavy he was unable to see what or who he had ran over.

An onlooker who saw the victim lying in the street after the accident called 911 and first responders rushed the man to the hospital where he died nine days later from massive body trauma.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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