Woman Arrested After Making Over 24,000 Bogus 911 Calls

Imagine making over 24,000 phone calls in six months.

Now what if those phone calls were to 911 and for no real emergencies. That's why police arrested a New York City woman after an investigation led them to 38-year-old Yogita Persaud.

Police claim that they arrested Persaud for a bogus 911 call that came in on Friday. But they are now investigating whether she is behind making more than 24,000 of these types of calls since the summer.

Persaud allegedly called a 911 operator on Friday and said that there was a fire and smoke coming from the basement of her apartment building. That caused multiple police and fire units to respond at the time of the call.

She is facing charges of making a false report, obstructing governmental administration and aggravated harassment.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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