NJ Man Has Basketball Sized Tumor Removed from His Neck

Dr. Nazir Khan is credited with saving the life of an 81-year-old New Jersey man after he removed a basketball-sized tumor from his neck.

The massive 6-pound malignant tumor was removed from Milton Wingert's neck at Mount Sinai Hospital during a harrowing seven-hour surgery.

Wingert told the New York Daily every other doctor who inspected the large growth was reluctant to attempt the operation because of the life-threatening circumstances.

After Dr.Khan agreed to perform the operation he told Wingert, "The mass could come out very easily, or it could be very complicated and we should be prepared for everything. It could be a fatal surgery that you may not even survive."

Wingert will now undergo chemotherapy and radiation to kill the cancerous cells in the surrounding tissue.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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