Video Shows Cops Leading Woman Away For Selling Churros

There’s controversy over the actions of police, after officers were seen on video escorting a woman out of the subway station for selling churros.

Sofia Newman recorded the video on Saturday at the Broadway Junction station in Brooklyn. She’s heard questioning police about why they’re taking the woman’s food away.

The video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times on Twitter.

The NYPD defended the actions of the officers, saying the woman has received 10 summonses in the past 6 months. The NYPD Transit Twitter account said the woman was not arrested, but was briefly handcuffed for refusing to comply with officers.

“Our officers have been responding to number of recent complaints of violations at this station, including the unlawful and unlicensed sale of food and other products,” the NYPD Transit Twitter account said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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