More Offices Are Going Casual, And Employees Are Happier For It

When it comes to office dress codes, it seems more and more companies are going casual, and their employees are much happier because of it.

A new survey finds…

78% of working Americans say things are getting more relaxed in their offices.

54% say their office has moved towards a more casual dress code.

57% say their office has casual Fridays, with 51% participating frequently.

57% of the average Americans’ weekly wardrobe is casual, with most dressing casual four days out of the week.

One in eight workers would rather have a casual dress code than an extra $5,000 in salary.

And it’s pretty apparent that workers prefer this shift to a more casual office attire.

82% say feeling comfortable in what they wear to work makes them more productive.

71% feel more accomplished throughout the day because they aren’t worried about being uncomfortable in their clothes.

65% say being uncomfortable gets in the way of their productivity.

56% say being comfortable in their clothes contributes to their confidence at the office.

43% say they wouldn’t do their job as effectively if they had to dress more conservatively.

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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