Shocking Study Reveals People Will Lie To Have Sex

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This may come as a shock to you but it turns out people will often lie if it means they'll have sex.

A new study out of the University of Rochester in New York found that when our, quote, "sexual system" is activated, we'll immediately start telling lies to improve our chances of getting lucky. It appears that our sexual system gets activated real early in the process of meeting someone. Your brains says, "Hey, I might potentially have sex with this person," and that's when the lying starts.

The researchers say, people, "embellish, conform, change their attitudes regarding certain topics, and just outright lie, all to make a good first impression." The good news is that most aren't really big lies. Most people just, "find ways to emphasize different parts of how they see themselves."

In other words, whatever it takes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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