Manhattan Doctor Sues Patients For Posting Negative Reviews Online

Dr. Muhammad Mirza is suing four disgruntled customers and the rating website for posting one-star reviews of his practice online.

The Yelp reviews accuse the doctor of watering down his Botox injections, placing the injections in dangerous places on the body and pressuring patients to buy more expensive products.

A review posted by Brian K. in December of 2018 stated, "I was shocked he has no professional room with a proper chair. He just asked me to sit on a bench that was full of brochures. And when he was done he just wiped the blood off my forehead with a rough paper like the ones that can be found at a public restroom. I just can't believe this is even legal."

Jen M. posted this review in December of 2019, "Dr. of what? A Ph.D. in anthropology? Or maybe dance theory? He travels all over the place, Long Island today, Jersey tonight, and Florida tomorrow afternoon. Shady doesn't even begin to describe the experience. I haven't seen a [doctor] travel this much since Dr. Baker in Little House on the Prairie."

According to an article published in the New York Post, Dr. Mirza has asked the court to compensate him an award of at least $1 million.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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