Queens Mother and Son Arrested for Allegedly Selling Bogus Cancer Cure

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection, along with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Postal Service authorities were all on hand this morning when a mother and son duo were arrested for allegedly selling a fake cancer cure over the internet.

Barbara and Jason Vale have touted the healing properties of the apricot seed since the New York Times ran a profile on the mother and son in 2008. In the profile, both suspects credited the apricot seed elixir with helping Jason survive multiple bouts of cancer.

According to a article posted on nbcnewyork.com , when authorities arrived at the home they found numerous barrels of fluid believed to be the bogus cancer cure waiting to be bottled for sale.

Barbara Vale was arrested on the scene and transported to jail. Jason Vale was taken to the hospital to have his condition checked by medical professionals and may join his mother in court this afternoon.

Photo Credit: Getty Images