NYC Neighbors Rally To Help Friendly Homeless Man

Johnell Johnson talks to everyone who walks by him on West 22nd Street in New York City. He’s very friendly and locals have gotten used to seeing him in the Chelsea neighborhood, but he doesn’t have a home there, he’s slept on the same stoop on the street for more than a year.

Some residents have become friends with Johnson and a few decided to lend him a hand to get back on his feet and get a job. Jennifer Mallicote got him an old cell phone so employers can contact him, and Julie Benlevi put up over 100 flyers marketing him for jobs. Some locals even got Johnson a membership at a local recreation center where he can shower and shave.

And now their efforts are paying off. On an Instagram page his neighbors set up to help him find opportunities, he said he got a job at Gran Tivoli restaurant. Johnson posted, “I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bed as soon as I am able.”

Source: CBS News

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