EMS Medic Attacked By Drunk Man He Was Treating

A 20-year-old FDNY EMS medic, who recently graduated from the academy, was viciously attacked by a handcuffed suspect he was trying to treat.

According to police records, 32-year-old Thomas Wright was picked up by EMTs after a call came in from his neighbors saying an extremely drunk and disorderly man required assistance. When first responders arrived on the scene Wright was handcuffed, secured to the stretcher, and then placed in the back of the ambulance with the EMT.

As the ambulance rushed Wright to Lincoln Medical Center he was able to free himself from the stretcher restraint and assault the EMT. The EMT was bitten on the shoulder, knocked to the floor, and then stomping him by Wright.

According to an article published in the New York Daily News, an EMS academy spokesperson said the 20-year-old EMT suffered nerve damage and the loss of sensation to his arm.

During Wrights arraignment, Bronx Assistant District Attorney Ryan Foley told the court that the unidentified EMT will be out of work for several months. Wright is being held on a $20,000 bond.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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