The Most Common Cooking Fails Americans Make In The Kitchen

Not everyone can beJulia ChildorIna Gartenin the kitchen. While some of us can say we are at least decent cooks, there are plenty of people who are completely useless behind the stove, which results in plenty of kitchen fails.

In fact, a new survey finds:

  • 64% of Americans have had a major mishap in the kitchen.
  • 29% of people admit they feel hopeless when it comes to cooking.
  • 30% of people are embarrassed by their lack of cooking skills, which results in 36% of those people avoiding cooking for others.

And let’s face it, even a good cook can suffer a major fail in the kitchen. The survey finds that burned food is the most common cooking fail (67%), followed by:

  • Burned a pot/pan (54%)
  • Over boiled a pot (52%)
  • Set off the smoke detector (48%)
  • Used too much salt (44%)
  • Left the oven/burner on (40%)
  • Forgot a crucial ingredient (38%)
  • Forgotten something in the oven (35%)
  • Food was way too spicy (34%)
  • Had a dog or pet eat food that was left out (23%)
  • Had an explosion in the microwave (21%)
  • Used salt instead of sugar (20%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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