Brooklyn Bus Riders Want More Say In Route Redesign

Senator Andrew Gounardes is asking New York City Transit President Andy Byford to provide Brooklynites with more input on the redesign of the borough's bus network.

Officials from the MTA told the New York Daily News, they have 10 town hall meetings scheduled between October 29 and November 21 and have already held four "pop-up" events this month to help bus riders better understand the MTA's plan.

MTA spokesman Tim Minton said all of the agency's bus redesign efforts "included unprecedented levels of public outreach". Minton added, "We anticipate that anyone who wishes to provide input will have the opportunity to do so."

The MTA redesigned the bus network in Staten Island earlier this year and bus speeds increased by 5.5%.

Brooklyn has 63 local bus routes making it the busiest of all 5 boroughs. Over half a million people ride the bus in Brooklyn every day.

The MTA is also planning to redesign the bus networks in the Bronx and Queens.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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