Americans Will Only Put Up With So Much When It Comes To Customer Service

It’s no secret that good customer service is really important to people, and it seems folks don’t give companies too many chances to get it right.

According to a new poll…

Americans will only forgive a retailer for three mistakes with their purchase before they decide to never shop with them again.

80% of shoppers would never shop at a retailer again if they had to deal with bad customer service.

On average, Americans have sworn off four retailers due to a poor customer service experience.

Millennials have sworn off an average of five retailers due to poor customer service, while those 65 and over have only sworn off two.

70% of people would simply give up on their purchase due to a bad customer service experience.

When it comes to the phone, Americans will start getting annoyed after being on hold for 3-point-five minutes.

People give up hope and hang up after 10-point-9 minutes.

And if that doesn’t prove just how important good customer service is to people, this may be a good indication of just how much folks value it. The poll says 74% of consumers would actually be willing to spend more money if it meant getting better customer service.

Source: SWNS Digital

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